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        Compensator application

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        Compensator application

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        Compensators are also customarily called expansion joints, or expansion joints. It consists of a bellows (an elastic element) constituting its working body and accessories such as end pipes, brackets, flanges, and ducts. It belongs to a kind of compensation component. The effective telescopic deformation of the bellows of the working body is utilized to absorb dimensional changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction of pipelines, pipes, containers, etc., or to compensate axial, lateral, and angular displacements of pipelines, conduits, containers, and the like. It can also be used for noise reduction and vibration reduction. Widely used in modern industry. In order to prevent deformation or damage of the pipeline due to thermal elongation or temperature stress during heating, it is necessary to provide a compensator on the pipeline to compensate for the thermal elongation of the pipeline, thereby reducing the stress on the pipe wall and The force acting on the valve member or bracket structure.

        The compensator adopts a rectangular section with rounded waveforms, and a single expansion joint in the pipeline is subjected to two-dimensional displacement. The elbow joint consisting of two expansion joints can withstand displacement in three dimensions. Rectangular rounded metal corrugated expansion joints have full height and half height type. According to the flue size, the stress and strain requirements can be selected by users.

        1. After the user selects the appropriate compensator according to the thermal displacement of the pipe system, at least the flow medium in the pipe, the design pressure of the flue duct, the maximum temperature during operation, and the outer dimension of the cross section of the flue duct are long. , wide) The selected waveform (full height 216mm, half height 108mm) and wave number (single ripple single wave number does not exceed 6 waves), in order to design and manufacture the compensator.

        2. The maximum allowable expansion per wave: full height type △α=±24mm half height type △α=±12mm.

        3. Gray ash board: It can not be used for ducts with less air ducts or less dust. For dusty flue, gray slabs should be used.

        4. In order to reduce the number of nodes of the bellows, cold drawing should be considered 50%.

        5. The compensator is suitable for occasions where the cross-sectional area is less than 4.6 square meters and one of the outer dimensions of the smoke duct is less than 1.5m but greater than 0.6mm. The standard full height corrugated compensator is suitable for all smoke ducts.

        The product adopts one-time hydraulic forming and mechanical forming technology, and assists in computer optimization design and manufacture. It has accurate size, clean surface and no trauma, compact product structure, large compensation amount, no leakage, corrosion resistance, long service life, easy installation and product. The quality is reliable and so on. At the same time, according to the user's working environment, conditions and the number of fatigue damage, the user can develop other types and uses of the corrugated compensator. This product is widely used in steel, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water supply and drainage, construction and other industries.

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